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Welcome to Exparang

Unbiased direct access to executives and high impact professionals

The new normal for candidate sourcing

Exparang offers a modern tool to instantaneously find strong candidates for key employment, interim/consulting and board/advisory position searches. Automatically uncovering hidden and blocked matches, Exparang results in faster, leaner and more valuable recruitments that ultimately increase business performance.

We help you find great candidates and radically cut your search costs

  • Access hidden talent
  • Secure unbiased selection
  • Recruit people not CVs

Stop wasting time, money and potential on detours, dead ends and the usual suspects

  • Conventional candidate sourcing
  • – Slow
  • – Random
  • – Biased
Candidate assessment
Conventional candidate sourcing – Slow – Random – Biased
Candidate assessment
Deeper candidate assessment
Deeper candidate assessment

Using Exparang results in faster, more meritocratic searches, lower costs and higher performance

Recruitment projects

  • - Employment
  • - Board/Advisory
  • - Interim/Consulting
  • - Co founder
  • - Pro bono

How it works

Step 1

Activate recruitment – see anonymised data on curated matches based on search criteria

Step 2

Screen interested candidates’ anonymised briefs – select who to invite to connect

Step 3

Connect with confirmed and revealed candidates – select who to invite for next step

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Privacy based recruitment matching platform

  • Automates curated recruitment matches
  • Uncovers hidden or blocked matches
  • Enables unbiased matches

matching process


  • Receive opportunities
  • Evaluate opportunities
  • Pursue and connect


  • Receive matches
  • Screen prospects
  • Connect with candidates

01. The Match

An Exparang match is a high-quality curated match. Our algorithm determines how well an anonymised candidate profile fits in relation to a particular career opportunity.

A match is created and scored only if it does not have any deal breakers and meets the quality criteria. The strength of the match score is influenced by the amount of voluntary data a candidate has shared in her anonymised profile.

Both sides are then notified of the match and each side can thereafter choose whether to go forward in the match process. All of the candidate’s match data is completely confidential and anonymised up until the connection.

02. The Matching

Our matching process works as a smart interactive funnel designed to further weed out matches that are not considered strong enough for a connection by either side.

Step by step the match quality is strengthened through the process.

With each step, either side receives additional information and choses whether to go forward and share more data with the other side of the match or decline. The candidate’s identity is still protected by anonymity.

03. The Connection

Finally, at the bottom of the funnel where the mutual interest is strong, the remaining candidates can get invitations to connect from the recruitment side.

If the candidate accepts a connection invite, the identity of the candidate – including CV and/or LinkedIn ID information – is revealed to the recruiter and a connection is created.

In short, a connection is defined as when a candidate chooses to reveal her identity to the recruitment side of a match. The candidate is always completely anonymised up until this point.

04. The Value

Fast, efficient and discreet recruitments – Matches are created instantaneously and followed by a seamless interactive process in which the candidate’s identity is protected by anonymity up until the connection.

Uncovered matches and unbiased selection – The algorithm objectively assesses the opportunity’s fit with the candidate’s skills, values and aspirations and thereby uncovers matches that are hidden or blocked by the conventional methods of sourcing opportunities and candidates.

Warm connections and market intelligence – Connections are based on genuine mutual interest and behind every connection lies plenty of unique and valuable insights that have been collected through the match process and shared in the Exparang opportunity brief and candidate brief respectively.

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Simplified Match Process



1. Create anonymised profile

2. Activate recruitment

3. Receive opportunity match

3. Receive anonymised candidate matches

4. Show interest or decline

5. Receive anonymised candidate briefs

6. Invite to connect or decline

7. Receive connection invite

8. Connect & reveal identity or decline

9. Receive connections incl. CV or LinkedIn

10. Invite to interview or decline

11. Receive interview invitation

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Want access to high-impact professionals?
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