Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

Exparang is the leading matching platform for brilliant people. As the first of its kind, Exparang uses anonymized matching to erase destructive and stupid bias. We believe in more and better matches for proactive candidates taking control of their professional flow. Visit about us to learn more.

With more than 25 years of aggregated founder experience in executive search, Exparang knows what relevant matching criteria is and have created a very smart algorithmic matrix ranking all of the criteria to match the right people with the right opportunities. Click here for more information.

No, you don’t. If you are a private individual registering to our site you will not pay anything at all.

Though if you are a company using exparang to match your needs with brilliant people, then you have to pay. There are a few different levels of fees, feel free to email us if you have further questions about the value Exparang bring to the table for corporate clients.

Exparang is currently only open for carefully selected and invited talented professionals. Ask around in your network to find out if anyone have a spare invite to send you. In the meantime, leave us your e-mail address here and we’ll get back to you with updates on how exparang and our service evolves. If you already have an account, congratulations. Please use this link to sign in with your details.

Exparang and LinkedIn are two totally different vehicles within the human capital landscape. Exparang is a professional matching platform, enabling talents to speak their mind and let the most attractive employers know about their motivation, needs, ambitions and background. All in a safe and anonymous environment. LinkedIn is impressive in its position as the world’s leading professional network, creating buzz and news feed for you as an active user. At Exparang we don’t expect you to be active, increasing your network or liking any posts. We just want you to take action on the opportunities presented to you that interests you.

You’re happy at your present job and not necessarily looking for opportunities, but if you’re dream job happens to come your way you want to be prepared and don’t want to miss out.

You’re moving from one country to another and want to activate yourself in finding suitable positions, without having to get in touch with each and every single local headhunter.

You have an impressive background and want to take a leap forward, but something seems to be holding you back. It could be your unusual name, your sex or your age. At exparang we consider all of those (and several more stupid biases) non-factors for achieving professional flow, and therefore use anonymized profiles when candidates are being matched to opportunities.

You’re stuck in a position and willing to take some risk and dramatically change career to get inspired again, and curious to learn what sort of opportunities your profile could match.

The algorithm we built for our matching tool is a very advanced piece of work and it enables us to take the personal data from your profile and match it with opportunities that most likely will motivate and encourage you. The more granular and detailed you are when filling out your profile, the more likely it is for us to find you a proper match. Through machine learning, our algorithm will over time be able to match you with opportunities that not even yourself would think of. Exparang is built on the belief that talent decisions are way better off when being data driven than driven by subjective thoughts and opinions from recruiting managers. The exparang rubrics matrix that ranks all your competencies, skills and characteristics is constantly evolving and developing driven by user data and the matching history exparang build.

No. Exparang is working cross functions and cross industries. What makes us unique, apart from anonymizing our user data, is that we focus on experienced brilliant people. Our database consists of professionals with proven track record, usually being addressed as executive search candidates. From engineers to lawyers, from finance to automotive we match experienced executive search candidates with the right opportunities.

If you’re a student, it’s probably more likely that you will find a job using another platform. If you’re a professional with vocational training and a career as a specialist within that field, it’s also more likely that you’ll find better opportunities elsewhere.

Absolutely. Exparang is a global service, with its strongest presence in northern Europe.

Exparang partners with some of the strongest employer brands across multiple industries. For us to be relevant for our users it’s crucial that we work with the most attractive and challenging employers and that it’s a mix of smaller growth companies, medium sized corporates and multinational large caps.

No. When you set up your profile you’re letting us know what kind of opportunities that interests you, and we will match you with those that appreciates you and your background. Ofcourse you can, at any time, edit your wish list and adjust the kinds of opportunities that you want to be matched with. When you’re set up, then you go back to focus on living your life and we’ll get back to you when our matching technology has done its magic.

Definitely. We believe that most people have professional dreams or goals. It’s way easier to describe those goals and list the requirements when you’re in a happy place not too eager to move from your present position.

2. Invite Only

Our database consists of highly respected and trusted professionals. We have handpicked the foundation of that pool with a diverse mix of brilliant people representing a wide range of age groups, nationalities, academic backgrounds and careers. It consists of about as many men as women.

These professionals have been given a certain amount of credits, to be carefully used when inviting others from their own network.

Through this model, in combination with a certain curated touch from our team, we make sure to grow our candidate base in a sustainable, diverse, dynamic and professional way.

If you’re a registered user of exparang you are given multiple credits to be used when inviting others.

Since exparang wants to encourage our users to spread the word we top up with more credits for those who actually uses them and convert e-mail addresses into real users.


3. You've been matched

Enterprise clients post opportunities through their Exparang accounts, and professionals register and update their profiles. Our matching technology is constantly at work screening the database for candidates to match the opportunities out there. As soon as there is a match, both the professional and the enterprise client get a notification. As long as the opportunity is still posted and active there will be ongoing matching. Take a look at how the process actually works here.

As described here you stay anonymous as a candidate up until a certain moment in the matching process. It’s important to remember that it’s you, and only you, who decides if you want to reveal your real identity to a potential employer.

We encourage you to play around with your personal settings to find a suitable matching level. We all have different needs and references to what being a good match or how often we want to be matched, so therefore it’s important that you find your own level of engagement and activity. If you experience that we don’t deliver any suitable matches for you, please let us know )! We have big ears and want to become better at what we do.

4. Your CV

Yes, exparang needs some sort of documentation of your background. You can use any format you like or refer us to your open source profile (ie Linkedin -Profile). We use the CV to automatically fill most of the background information in your profile, and making your registration dramatically quicker than in most careerpages.

Unfortunately, no. It’s a requirement when registering your profile to upload some sort of CV.

Since exparang is an automated matching service you can’t search for specific job opportunities on your own. They will come your way if you have a relevant profile. Therefore, put some effort in describing you and your background once. That’s all you need.

5. Your exparang account

Technically there are some information we would be able to scrape from your LinkedIn-profile, but it’s very limited and not at all enough to build a solid and reliable profile. Instead we built a technology that automatically screens your uploaded CV for relevant content and assist you in creating your profile with exparang.

At the moment we only use a mobile first responsive web application. It works for Android as well as for iOS and other operating systems.

For any support matters please use this link . If you want to reach any of us in the team, check out our bios for contact details

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