Exparang is reinventing talent and career management with unbiased matching software.

We match aspirations with opportunities to drive fulfillment and extraordinary performance.

You cannot thrive without motivation — so love what you do, don't settle.


Open Doors to
Fulfilling Careers

Our purpose is to open doors to fulfilling careers. This is a superpower – we believe meaningful professional challenges are vital for remarkable achievements, wellbeing and prosperity.

Exceptional Matches Between People & Opportunities

Our mission is to create exceptional matches between people and opportunities by setting the global standard for unbiased candidate and opportunity sourcing. Inclusive and potential-driven recruitment is key to unlocking the value of diversity.

Unlimited Access
to Human Potential

Our vision is a future with unlimited access to human potential, where everyone is empowered to reach for their full potential and find professional purpose.
We are committed creating extraordinary recruitment matches using ethical AI for the good of all people.
Carl Schander, Co-Founder & CEO

Management Team

Based in Stockholm, Warsaw and Katowice a highly motivated and growing team of Exparangers are committed to building the best software for professionals and organizations to seamlessly match without bias.

Carl Schander

CEO / Co-Founder
+46 70 663 93 39

Filip Strömbäck

CMO / Co-Founder
+46 70 338 08 80

Paweł Konon

CTO / Co-Founder

Valérie Pedersén


Our Values


We value generosity in the broadest sense by including, inspiring and empowering people.


We value imagination by embracing creativity, originality and the future with open and rational minds.


We value freedom by opening doors to fulfillment and value for our members and clients.


We value persistence by being proactive, keeping promises and rising to challenges.


We value learning by listening, experimenting and staying curious.
Our motto.
Lead a purposeful
career and love
what you do.

Our Story

Warsaw, in front of Palace of Culture, 90 minutes after first meeting between Exparang's founders 16 Sep 2017.

Sparked by a shared vision of a rapidly transforming global recruitment market and the potential in innovating career and talent management with smart matching technology, Exparang was founded by a team combining deep expertise in international executive search and software development

Exparang set out to make working life work by helping people find meaningful and engaging professional challenges. This happens when you are working in the right circumstances, with the right people, with the right challenges that match your skills, values and aspirations.

Filled with a sense of purpose, the co-founders Carl Schander, Paweł Konon, Filip Strömbäck and later Valérie Pedersén, started to work on creating Exparang's matching software.

In late 2020 Exparang launched the executive search platform for matching leaders and seasoned professionals with board, executive and other high-impact positions. In 2022, we launched our second product, Inparang, our internal mobility platform for talent attraction, retention and development within large organizations.

Since the start, four recruitment market observations continue to drive Exparang:

→ Firstly — Power is shifting from the recruitment to the candidate side, yet still most professionals find it hard to access the career opportunities, both external and internal, that they are qualified for, motivated by and sought-after.

→ Secondly — The war for talent is intensifying, and talent acquisition is increasingly a top strategic headache for owners, boards and management teams across industries, functions and geographies.

→ Thirdly — The value of inclusive and potential driven recruitment. It drives diversity and in the end profitability. For any given recruitment, there is an iceberg of fantastic hidden matches that never surface.

→ Finally — The matching problems limit the growth, development and prosperity of people, organizations, and society. There is a need to reinvent talent acquisition and career management.

Today our SaaS solutions for extraordinary candidate sourcing, external and internal, are highly customizable for client needs within our white label offering — Powered by Exparang.

Our story has just begun — the best is yet to come!

Our Fight

We are fighting biased, excluding, expensive, forced, frustrating, humiliating, indiscreet, ineffective, inefficient, myopic, random, reactive, risky, siloed, slow, square, superficial, transactional, unbalanced and unprofessional opportunity and candidate sourcing.

Our Solution

Exparang cuts through the noise and creates value as an unbiased, secure and precise intermediary between professionals and the markets for their skills and potential.

We have built a SaaS platform that instantly and continuously matches anonymized candidates to career opportunities based on strong mutual interest.

We level the playing field. We go beyond matching experience. Our aim is to capture the person behind the CV and factor in aspirations, preferences, competencies, dealbreakers, triggers, timing and values to deliver the highest quality matches from both a candidate and recruiter/hiring manager perspective.

The result is radically faster and more precise candidate and opportunity sourcing compared to the conventional methods of finding one another.

Why Anonymity?

Candidate anonymity brings many benefits to users on both the recruitment and candidate side.

Openly communicating what career moves you are motivated by is sensitive and can potentially be very risky, especially if you are currently employed and searching for new opportunities.

Protected by anonymity, candidates appreciate that they can be totally transparent with what they are looking for without being judged and/or misinterpreted by the market nor punished by current employers.

Being anonymous also helps candidates build more genuine and comprehensive profiles. Candidates can be themselves and share confidential data on preferences and requisites that nobody gets access to, but that is used by the algorithms to generate higher quality personalized matches.

Anonymity also facilitates unconventional career moves by giving direct access to modern inclusive employers who are less narrowly-focused and conservative, who value diversity, appreciate unconventional backgrounds and who are more interested in the person behind the CV and their potential to meet the demands of the position and excel.

Finally, the problem with prejudice is mitigated by anonymity. A large portion of excellent candidates are unfortunately never found nor considered, simply because the conventional methods of searching for candidates are drenched in unconscious bias.

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