Privacy based recruitment matching platform

  • Automates curated recruitment matches
  • Uncovers hidden or blocked matches
  • Enables unbiased matches


With a team based in Stockholm and Warsaw, Exparang has developed an interactive privacy-based platform for professionals and businesses to seamlessly match and connect for key positions.

Based on deep executive search domain knowledge, we have developed a match engine with a sophisticated assessment and scoring system. The algorithms determine the best match for a given job opportunity and candidate profile. The carefully designed interactive match process further refines the matches before a connection based on strong mutual interest is established.

Our innovative solution is designed for a personalized, discreet and automated product experience. Exparang cuts through the noise and creates value as an unbiased, secure and precise intermediary between high impact professionals and the markets for their business potential.

We level the playing field. We go beyond matching experience. Our aim is to capture the person behind the CV and factor in aspirations, preferences, competencies, deal breakers, triggers, timing and values to deliver the highest quality matches from both a candidate and recruiter perspective.


Sparked by a shared vision of a rapidly transforming recruitment market and the potential in innovating career and talent management with AI-based matching technology, Exparang was founded by Carl Schander, Paweł Konon and Filip Strömbäck, combining 25 years of international executive search with 25 years of software development experience.

Carl Schander

CEO / Co-Founder

+46 70 663 93 39

Filip Strömbäck

CMO / Co-Founder

+46 70 338 08 80

Sofia Wingren

Senior Adviser


Paweł Konon

CTO / Co-Founder


Vendela Angerlöv

Growth hacker


Anna Serner

Growth hacker


We are fighting biased, expensive, excluding, forced,frustrating, humiliating, indiscrete, ineffective, inefficient, myopic, random, reactive, risky, siloed, slow, square, superficial, transactional, unbalanced and unprofessional opportunity and candidate sourcing.

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