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Fast, easy and effective digital matching in real time.

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See curated matches instantly and continuously get updates over time.

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Screen anonymized briefs with unique data on interested candidates.

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Start conversations with revealed candidates with a click.

For Executive
Search Firms

Deliver more value to clients.

Spend more time and resources on advisory and business development efforts. Get a fast start and don't miss out on great candidates for your searches.

For Startups
to Enterprises

Stay ahead of the talent curve.

Secure the best candidates for key recruitments. Simplify connections with excellent external and internal candidates in the competitive talent market.

For PE, VC and Investment Firms

Find the right leadership & talent.

Drive value creation through people. Leverage the talent pool across portfolio companies and investments with our solutions for private equity, venture capital, family offices and investment firms.

Success Stories

Hear what customers are saying.
 11 000+
members & growing
17 years average experience
92% management experience
15% managed >100 people
Functional Split
Industrial Split

The Search Process

Stop wasting time, money and potential on
detours, dead ends and the usual suspects.
Using Exparang results in faster, more meritocratic
searches, lower costs and higher performance.

Instantly Connect
with Great Candidates

Radically improve business critical talent acquisition and performance.

Instant Candidate Leads

The new normal for candidate sourcing. Get a good start with instant access to warm candidate leads. Complete your most important recruitments faster with better hires.

Access Hidden Candidates

Uncover hidden matches blocked by the biased conventional methods of candidate sourcing. Enable unbiased mutual matching with blind data-driven candidate sourcing.

Hire People, Not CV's

Drive value creation by matching with the person behind the CV. Get candidates with the right experience, values, and motivation to thrive in your organization.

Our Commitment
to Your Privacy

  • We only show your profile to potential employers with your permission
  • We do not sell your information
  • You can always say no to marketing from us
Anonymized members rely on Exparang to discreetly access career opportunities. They safely assess opportunities in stealth mode and are in full control of when to reveal their identity.

Flexible Pricing Solutions

Pricing solutions suitable for different client needs, ranging from the start‑up to the large enterprise.
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Pay Per Search

Suitable for one-time
single recruitments.
  • Unlimited candidate leads
  • From SEK 50 000 / search
success fee / hire
SEK 50 000

Subscription Packages

Suitable for 3 or more
search projects per year.
  • Unlimited candidate leads
  • From SEK 7 500 / month
success fee / hire
Free hires

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Perfect Match

Your digital talent pipeline of matching leaders,
executives and other high‑impact professionals.
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