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In the market for key position recruitments, we are here for leaders and decisionmakers who make a difference and who value their time. We help you develop your career with direct, secure and timely access to tailored opportunities on your terms.


—Get exposure without disclosure

Example: “I’m a CTO open for new opportunities – how can I be discrete about interest in joining new hot Startup?”

—Realize your aspirations

Example: “I’m a CEO with an unconventional profile – how can I realize my aspirations through board and advisory positions?”

—Let the opportunities find you

Example: “I’m a CFO in New York relocating to Stockholm – how can I continue to grow professionally?”

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  • CVs
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  • Square recruitment matching
  • Reactive career choices
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  • Modern recruitment matching
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Anonymously share more skills, values and aspirations to increase the quality of your matches

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Anonymously receive, evaluate and show interest to tailored opportunities at your convenience

We believe meaningful professional challenges are essential for remarkable achievements. We believe fulfilling careers are vital for personal wellbeing and a prosperous sustainable society. We believe in the power of — professional flow

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